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Riedell R3 Black 1 Riedell logo 2



Always wear pads and a helmet

Reduced Skates, Oddments to Clear, Ends of Ranges, Bargains.

Sizes: 3 & 5


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Only 1 pair.


UK Size: 5

Sizes: 6, 7, 8, 9

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Only 1 pair


Size: 3-5

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Only 1 pair.


Size: 10


Skate Model: R3


Closure: Full Lace System

Plate: PowerDyne Nylon with metal trucks.     

Colour: Black - R3 Wheels: Radar Black Cayman..

Bearings: Kwik ABEC-5

Toe Stop: Midi Gripper

Riedell Dart Black Riedell logo 2


Skate Model: Dart


Closure: Full Lace System.

Plate: PowerDyne Thrust Nylon.

Colours available: Black.

Wheels: Dart 62mm/93A.

Bearings: ABEC-5

Toe Stop: Midi Gripper

Viper 2 Roller-Derby-Full-Logo


Skate Model: Viper


Skate: Brand New, in Showroom Condition.

Boot: Pro Speed Profile

Skate Type: Recreational

Frame: Speed Frame, Action Trucks

Wheels: 58mm x 40mm

Bearings:  ABEC 5


Skate Model: Hybrid G900


Boot: Custom Pro Flex Fit & Comfort EVA Foam Padding.

Colours: Grey with Lilac Trim.

Closure: PowerStrap, Ankle Buckle & Lace.

Frame: G900 Aircraft Aluminium.

Wheels: 80mm SPEED Formula.

Bearings: BEVO ABEC 9

Roller-Derby-Full-Logo MX-S780-Boys-Angled Black

Brand: XCESS

Skate Model: MX S780


Boot: Moulded, Vented with Rear Adjustment.

Liner: Toe Adjustable, Tongue Protection, Pull Tab & Breathable.

Closure: Two Safety Lock Buckles..

Frame: Integrated MX S780.

Wheels: 70 x 24mm 82A Clear Wheels.

Bearings: ABEC 3



Only 1 pair.


Size: 12

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Xcess Twist

Brand: XCESS

Skate Model: Twist


Boot: Semi-Soft with Padded Shoe.

Liner:   Memory Liner & Full Cuff Support.

Closure: Ankle Buckle, Power Strap & Laces.

Frame: Twist CH402 Aluminium.

Wheels: 76mm x 82a

Bearings: ABEC 5


Brand: XCESS

Skate Model: MX S:405


Boot: External support system inc velcro straps

Liner:   Memory Liner & Full Cuff Support.

Closure: Quick Lace, Ankle Buckle & Power Strap.

Frame: Bravo powerglide, center pinned

Wheels: 80mm x 80a Clear

Bearings: ABEC 5

Lake Placid Apline 800 Ice Skate


Brand: Lake Placid

Skate Model: Alpine 800

The Alpine 800 skate has a new vinyl boot with strengthened sole and exceptional ankle support this is a model for the intermediate and experienced skater.


Boot: 304 Vinyl Boot, NEW Synthetic Fur Lining with

Form Fit Memory Foam and Reinforced Ankle Support.

Blade: Carbon Steel Blade, Heat Treated,

Edge Hardened Nickel Plated.

Only 1 pair.


Size: 8

Lake Placid 2

Sizes: 2 & 3

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