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Seba iGoR Pro Skates

SEBA iGoR Pro       2016

Skates                   £450.oo

SEBA iGoR Pro         2016

Skates                   £450.oo

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SEBA has featured the Igor skate in their range for many years and for 2016, offer an updated version with new Deluxe V2 Rockered frames and a new premium liner for extra comfort when pushing yourself to the limits.


Designed for the dedicated freestyle skater, the Igor skates focus on performance and this comes from the stiff carbon fibre cuff and the integration of the liner to the shell to give extreme responsiveness as well as the new pre-rockered Deluxe V2 frame.


As a brand, SEBA are renown throughout the industry and worldwide for their knowledge of in-line skating and skates. This is something that only comes from hard work, dedication and collaborating with the biggest and best names. Igor Cheremetieff is definitely one of them.

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Seba Pro igor - Black Seba iGoR Pro Black-White



Liner/Boot: New Premium Insole within a Black Carbon Fibre Shell

Frame: New Deluxe V2 Rockered 231mm (Sizes 34-39) or 243mm (Sizes 40-47) Matt Black Frame

Wheels: Seba Street Invaders 76mm (Sizes 34-39) or 80mm (Sizes 40-47) 84a Black Wheels Bearings: ILQ-9 Slalom Pro Bearings              

Colour: Black

Colour: Black/White

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