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SEBA HIGH Light            £395.oo

Carbon Skates

The all new Seba High Light Carbon skate has been optimised to give ultimate precision and performance thanks to the carbon fibre shell and upgrades to what were already, high quality components.




For this new model, Seba have introduced a new premium insole to give maximum comfort and support during long sessions and new lightweight Deluxe V2 frames have been added to reduce the overall weight of the skate.

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Seba High Light Carbon Skates

Colour: Black

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Liner: Integrated with Shell and Cuff

Frames: NEW Deluxe V2 231mm

             (Sizes 35-40) or 243mm

             (Sizes 41-47) Frames


Wheels: Street Invader 76mm

             (Sizes 35-40) or 80mm

             (Sizes 41-47) Wheels


Bearings: ILQ-9 Slalom Pro Bearings