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The Luxat Edition longboards are regarded as the "Pocket Knife" boards of the RAM Longboard range. The deep concaves of the deck and formed wheel-wells provided added grip whether you are skating ramps, bowls or simply carving your way through the streets. The kicktail and mini nose-kick are perfect for travelling which make the Luxat Edition longboards the ideal "multi-use" board and is great for strapping to your backpack and getting out there.




Deck: 7 Ply Russian Maple with Full Grip Tape

Size: 28.5" x 8" and 14.8" Wheelbase

Trucks: 130mm Street Powder Coated Trucks with High Rebound Bushings

Wheels: 59mm 83a High Rebound Urethane

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RAM Luxat Longboard

RAM Luxat Longboard

Cahli Phantom         £65.oo

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RAM Luxat Longboard

Harres Fossil            £65.oo

RAM Luxat Longboard

Lehnja Dewkist        £65.oo



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RAM Luxat



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